Woman holding holiday gifts

2022 Hopeful Holiday Gift Guide: Caregivers

This holiday season, don’t forget to care for the caregivers in your life. Here are six gift ideas that will help caregivers feel loved, valued and pampered.

House Cleaning Services

On top of caring for their patients, caregivers are often responsible for household chores. This year, consider gifting cleaning services from a local housekeeping service you trust or through a nonprofit organization like Cleaning for a Reason, which provides free house cleaning services for cancer patients.

Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are the gift that keeps on giving, all December long. No matter what someone’s interests and hobbies are, there is probably an advent calendar out there for them. Check out this list of over 50 advent calendars for inspiration.

A Spa Day

No one deserves pampering more than caregivers. Try getting a group of friends or family members together to pitch in for a spa gift card. And if you can’t splurge on a spa day, luxurious bath and body products are a great alternative.


Escaping into the world of a good book can help caregivers keep their minds off their countless responsibilities, even if it’s only for an hour or two. If you want to find the perfect book for someone, this Bookish Gifting Guide from Parade Magazine is the perfect place to start

Subscription boxes like the Book of the Month club and Introverts Retreat are also fun gift options for book lovers.

Meditation App Membership

Give the gifts of peace and calm to a caregiver who is stressed out, overworked, exhausted and in desperate need of a mental break. Calm, Headspace and Ten Percent Happier are all fantastic mindfulness apps for which you can purchase gift memberships.

Meal Delivery

Many caregivers may find it difficult to carve out time in their days to eat healthy, satisfying meals, and a subscription meal service can help. It can be hard for some patients to maintain a healthy diet during cancer treatment or recovery, at a time when fatigue may be a big factor and the patient is coping with changes to diet or sense of taste. A subscription meal delivery service like Blue Apron can help ease the burden of meal preparation for caregivers, and gift cards to meal delivery apps like Uber Eats or DoorDash are another good option for gifting a meal to a caregiver and their family.