Application Steps

Application Steps

Begin your application process

STEP 1 - Identify City of Hope's Faculty Sponsor based on interested area of research
STEP 3 - Identify your home institution (except those applying for Bridge Fellow category)
  • Find your institution’s existing Global Partnership with City of Hope. Continue to Step 4 if your home institutions has an existing partnership.
  • To establish new partnership, please see Global Scholars Program MOU template.

STEP 4 - Complete the Application Packet

Global Scholars Program Application Packet.
a)   Application Packet Checklist Document Cover Sheet
b)   Global Scholars Program Application Form
c)   Individual Memorandum of Agreement
d)   IP Agreement
f)    Recommendation Letter from Home Institution
g)   GSP Research Plan Form
h)   COH Faculty Sponsor Confirmation Letter  
i)    Financial Support Letter or other supporting documentation (Refer to Financial Support Requirements)
j)    Proof of Current Enrollment at Home Institution (only applicable to Visiting Graduate Researcher)
k)   Institution MOU for new partner institutions
Submit the completed application packet to and write “GSP Application- Last Name, First Name” in the subject line.

Your application is subject to review by GSP Committee, which should take between 2-3 weeks. Once accepted, you will receive a GSP invitation letter along with additional documents to complete the application and visa sponsorship processes.

Visa sponsorship process will begin once GSP participation has been confirmed and should take between 2-3 weeks before the Form DS-2019 document is sent to GSP applicant.

The above timeline doesn’t include the visa application process abroad. This process may add additional 3-8 weeks to the overall process before you can begin research at City of Hope. To ensure a seamless process, we recommend that you begin GSP application process at least 3 months before start date.