Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center

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Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center

The Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center is at the heart of our mission to provide a network of support for patients and their loved ones during their time at City of Hope. The Biller Center is a part of our Department of Supportive Care Medicine and has two locations: one at our Duarte campus and one at the Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center

The Biller Center integrates all support services under one umbrella. At both our locations, you will find a warm and welcoming private space to consult with our medical staff and explore the many resources we offer to strengthen and empower patients and caregivers before, during and after treatment. These include classes, support groups, resources on how to manage treatment and recovery and spiritual and pastoral care.

Multiple Myeloma Survivor Steven Hasper: How Supportive Care Helped Me

Multiple myeloma survivor Steven Hasper and his caregiver, Joyce, talk about the support they received from City of Hope’s Department of Supportive Care Medicine while Hasper was in treatment.

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Biller Center Services

The Biller Center provides a wide range of services at no additional charge, at both our Duarte and Orange County locations. For more information or to register for classes or support groups, you can contact our Duarte location at: 626-218-CARE (2273) or; or our Orange County location at: 949-671-4121 or

Visit the Biller Center Support Services Calendar for more information on virtual education classes, workshops, integrative therapies and support groups
At the Biller Center, we offer:

Space to Discuss Your Care

  • Private and comfortable space to meet with clinicians, patient navigators, social workers, spiritual care providers and other staff

  • Access to resources in multiple languages

Resources and Information 

  • Information on diagnoses, treatment, symptom management, nutrition, coping, caregiving and mind-body topics
  • Information about community resources
  • Fiction and nonfiction cancer-related literature
  • Access to educational software, health-related websites and community resources 
  • Wireless internet access, as well as scanners, copiers and fax machines

Support Groups and Events

  • Virtual Support Groups
    • Caregivers Connect, Couples Group, disease-specific support groups and more
  • Virtual Education Classes, Workshops and Events
    • Nutrition, Patient and Family Welcome and Orientation, Look Good ... Feel Better beauty class and more
  • Virtual Integrative and Complementary Therapies
    • Yoga, art, meditation, music therapy, and more
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The Biller Center at City of Hope Duarte

The Biller Center at City of Hope Duarte offers patients and families access to cancer resources and information, classes and support groups, and a welcoming space for relaxing, staying in touch with loved ones and meeting with clinical and support staff. Our Positive Image Center also provides patient with trained cosmetologists who help minimize the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

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The Biller Center at City of Hope Orange County

At City of Hope Orange County, the Biller Center provides a full range of resources for patients and their loved ones, including private space for meetings and relaxation, information on cancer treatment and recovery and access to Hope Boutique, where licensed, oncology-trained cosmetologists help patients manage the visible side effects of their cancer care regimen.

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Biller Center

The Biller Resource Center is excited to host the Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) to bring the Self-Help Legal Clinic to City of Hope patients and caregivers. This drop—in clinic is here to help patients with common legal issues that may happen with a cancer diagnosis, including rights to time off from work, disability insurance and health insurance.  

  • Thursday, July 13th from 10 am – 2pm
  • Future dates to be announced, check back soon

Stop by the CLRC Self-Help Clinic  at the Biller Resource Center at City of Hope Duarte to:

  • Speak directly with an attorney
  • Take home printed materials available in English and Spanish
  • Learn about assistance for specific legal issues through CLRC’s Telephone Assistance Line

Download the flyer

Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave and Financial Resources Hub

Looking for resources to help get you through treatment? Download the Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave Resource Hub brochure.

We also have step-by-step guides and application forms available at both Biller Center locations in English, Spanish, Chinese and Armenian for: 

  • State Disability Insurance: short-term disability 
  • Social Security Disability Insurance: long-term disability
  • Paid Family Leave 
  • In-Home Supportive Services 

Our staff can help you apply for disability insurance and offer other resources for finding legal assistance for disability related concerns, transportation, primary care doctors and mental health professionals. Call the Biller Center at  626-218-CARE (2273) for more information.


You can also download the step-by-step guides below:

Personal Websites for Patients

CaringBridge is a website that allows you to create a free personal blog to share important information quickly with family and friends during your health journey. 

The site is easy to use and gives users control over all privacy settings, allowing it to be as private or public as you want. CaringBridge sites can help you keep your family and friends informed and allow your followers to send you messages and photos. Your site also helps you coordinate care and organize daily tasks. As a nonprofit, CaringBridge sites are free and do not include advertisements.

How to create a website for yourself or someone else:

  • Go to
  • Follow the simple steps to start a site.
  • Tell your friends and family about your new site.
Donate Blood To a Specific Patient

Family and friends can give blood and platelets directly to their loved one.

City of Hope patients — most of whom are fighting cancer — rely on more than 37,000 units of blood and platelets each year for their survival. And every one of those units comes from people like you — family, friends and other caring individuals who want to make a difference.

Donate Today

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Adolescents and Young Adults

At City of Hope, we know that adolescents and young adults (AYAs) aged 15 to 39 have unique needs. That's why we offer medical care, psychosocial support and resources designed to help AYAs flourish from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

Interventions for younger children and older adults are not always appropriate for adolescents and young adults. We offer AYA-specific medical care that is designed to treat cancer aggressively while minimizing the long-term effects.

Adolescents and Young Adults toolkit