Survivorship Programs and Resources

Survivorship Programs and Resources

City of Hope cares for patients during cancer treatment, but we don’t stop there. Our City of Hope survivorship programs are here to help you transition from active treatment to survivorship and wellness so you can thrive as a cancer survivor.

Survivorship Care Plan

At the end of their treatment, City of Hope cancer survivors will receive a Survivorship Care Plan, a personalized document created by the survivor’s health care team. A Survivorship Care Plan is a valuable tool which summarizes the survivor’s diagnosis and treatment, and provides the survivor and their future health care providers with a guide to monitor and manage their ongoing physical and psychosocial health care.

Breast Cancer Survivorship Program

City of Hope’s Breast Cancer Survivorship Program seeks to empower breast cancer survivors to thrive through research, education, psychosocial support, and high-quality clinical care. The Breast Cancer Survivorship Program care team provides personalized follow-up care to support breast cancer survivors as they transition from active treatment to survivorship and wellness. Patients who participate in this program are seen every six months to a year by City of Hope’s breast cancer survivorship nurse practitioner.

Visit the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program to learn more: Return to Wellness: Education, Support and Empowerment for Life After Treatment.

Childhood, Adolescent And Young Adult Survivorship Program

The Childhood, Adolescent And Young Adult Survivorship Program at City of Hope provides specialized follow-up care for patients who have completed treatment for a cancer that was diagnosed before they were 40 years old.  Patients who participate in this program are seen every year in a clinic specially designed to meet the follow-up needs of childhood cancer survivors.

Survivorship Resources