User Engagement and Retention is a crucial but least-understood aspect of growing a successful business. We’re here to change that. Join us as we dive into conversations with the best, brightest leaders & practitioners in user engagement and retention.


Meet Samyukta, a bold marketer deeply passionate about consumer insights and an exceptional storyteller. Dive into her perspective on brand building, where she shares insights on retention and user engagement.

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How does Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance segment potential customers based on geographies, mindsets, cultures, and incomes?

Are consumers in the health and fitness market more loyal to a category than to specific brands?

How does Veena World integrate technology and content to ensure customer engagement?

Discover how Magicbricks leverages loans as a service for their users, demonstrating a profound understanding of the local real estate landscape. Rohit Manghnani explains.

How is Times Prime segmenting its large user base to avoid bombarding everyone all at once, all the time?

What sets ET Money’s “Genius” feature apart from other investment advisories who urge you to invest more, sell less?

What guides a startup founder's choice when joining another company? Pranil Shah shares.

How can digital news outlets break echo chambers in a divided world through segmentation and date?

How Noise is unlocking creative use-cases for their customers’ different life stages? Gaurav Mehta, CMO, Noise, explains.

CDP Strategy vs. Tactics: Avoiding Common Pitfalls and Unlocking Seamless Integrations.

How does ixigo work its automation magic, from savvy tactical campaigns to smart user-triggered automation?

App play and strategy in the brokering world! Ankit Rastogi, Chief Product Officer, Angel One, sheds some light.

Value adding initiatives or denting discounts, how can a D2C brand grow without cutting losses? Harsh Garhwal explains.

Four essential factors for successfully crossing the 100 to 500 Crore milestone - as summarized by Ankur Khaitan, Principal, Fireside Ventures

When research and western trends trump tata and intuition in the ethnic wear women segment. Explained by Manasi Karmarkar, Head of Digital Marketing, TCNS Group.

No English, only Math! Plix’s data-obsession from day-1 and why? Rishubh, CEO & Co-founder explains.

A well told story can do wonders for your brand! Jatan Bawa, Founder, Perfora, sheds some light.

How are folks at Eureka Forbes balancing milestone releases and agile sprints in their digital make-over? Shubham Srivastava, explains.

Why does OYO focus more on a 30-day ROAS than CAQ? Nikhil Khaitan, Ex-AVP - Growth, OYO explains.

VP - Product Management of Acko unveils the Power of Marketing and Product Collaboration in Tech Growth

Zee Media's web-to-app retention strategies revealed by Akshansh Yadav, Head of Products & Engineering, IDPL & DMCL.

Which Ways Can Change Management Leaders Integrate MarTech Tools into Their Existing Systems? Insights from Keyur Dhami, VP - Customer Success.

Is it possible for communities to acquire end-users without spending a dime? Vipul Allawadhi, Co-Founder, Kutumb, tells how.

What is Existing Relationship Value, and why is it sacrosanct for a marketer in banking? Listen in as Azmat Habibulla, CMO, South Indian Bank, explains.

How does Adani One make their customer travel from a physical touchpoint to an online one and vice-versa? Listen in as Gaurav Tyagi, GM - Marketing, Adani Digital Labs, explains this user journey.

How does Max Life Insurance ensure a sticky funnel for its website visitors? Listen in as Sameer Jain, VP & Head - D2C E-commerce, Max Life Insurance, shares his 4 key solutions.

Are better challengers and cost-effective products reshaping the MarTech landscape? Join Apoorv Sood, VP - Global Business Development & Partnerships, as he passionately explores the world of customized stacks and point solutions.

Is funding at a premium directly proportional to prioritizing customer retention? Listen in as Bharat Bhatia, VP Marketing at Junglee Games, explains this interesting correlation

The right auto-triggered campaigns can meaningfully motivate users sitting on the fence about making a purchase decision.

Fintech startups in the Indian marketing landscape are still majorly driven by acquisition. Measuring CLTV is enabling players like CredAble to reshift their focus on optimizing long-term user engagement.

Stitch your customer feedback data into growth. It helps understand real product problems from a user’s POV & optimize for dormancy!

The Story of How AppsForBharat came to be & how it aims to digitize spiritual experiences.

Personalization is Analogous, not Digital, explained with an ATM example!

Death by Verticalized Product offerings: The State of Retention Marketing at Traditional Indian Banks

Aspiring Young Audience in India & how awareness around credit systems will fuel growth in the coming years.

The biggest problem to deploy marketing automation at scale: distributed ownership between product & marketing teams

About the Host

Ankur has dabbled in multiple spaces from mobile product management to venture development in a Rocket Internet backed Diamond business, onwards to leading global CRM and then a beverage FMCG business. He’s now onto his next stint to demystify MarTech & help business leaders scale via retention led growth.

Ankur Gattani

VP – Growth & Marketing, WebEngage
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