Customer Data Platform

Designed To Kill Data Silos

Collect data from multiple sources and create a single source of truth

800+ global brands trust WebEngage for customer engagement and retention

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Build a Strong Data Culture With a
Robust Customer Data Platform

Collect Data

Integrate data sources with ease and track user actions in real-time

Unify Profiles

Get a 360-degree view of your customers with actionable insights

Protect Data

Ensure data security with role based access control and real-time alerts

Increased their App re-installs by


WebEngage has enabled us to create highly targeted campaigns by bringing customer data to the forefront

Muhammad Zohaib Anwaar

Group Director - CRM

Inreased their Daily Active Users by


A unified view of each user’s behaviour has helped us in creating event-based campaigns to boost engagement.

Siddharth Dialani


Increased their Policy Renewals by


Win-back and policy renewal campaigns have contributed significantly to our overall revenue.

Payal Saxena

Associate Director - Digital Marketing

What Makes WebEngage
CDP The Best-In-Class?

Kill Data Silos and Prevent Data from Falling Through the Cracks

Integrate seamlessly with external data sources, and stitch customer data together to create a single source of truth.

Build Rich Customer Profiles in Real-time

Get a 360° view of your customers, track customer interactions and create hyper-personalized user engagements in real-time.

Protect Customer Data and Comply with Global Privacy Regulations

Give your customers the privacy they rightfully need and ensure data confidentiality with role-based access control and real-time alerts.

Empower Teams With Data-Driven Decision Making

CDP That Gives You Super Powers!

User Attributes
Acquisition Channels
Channel Reachability
User Events
Device Technology

Keep pushing forward.
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Trust our pros to timely help you with relevant solutions.

Quick and Easy

Connect all your tools to WebEngage and see the magic unfold rapidly.


Closely work with our onboarding specialists till your first campaign's go-live date.

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Our specialists are always ready to help you with relevant solutions.

Unparalleled Support
& Service

Your urgency is our urgency! Get round-the-clock support from our experts.

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Identify high-priority customer segments with RFM modeling or create on-demand segments based on customer personas and behaviors in real-time.


Bring customers to your brand, or bring the brand to your customers. Don’t let channel availability restrain your engagement campaigns. We’ve got your back!

Product & Revenue

A product & revenue analytics suite to help you uncover your users’ traces within the product & attribute revenue to their every action.

Resources to Drive Growth

A big thanks to our customers for collaborating
with us and breaking new grounds!

A big thanks to our customers for collaborating with us and breaking new grounds!

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We approached WebEngage when we were unhappy with a competitor's product. We wanted excellent service, which is one of WebEngage's intrinsic values. From Oberoi Hotels & EazyDiner to The Postcard Hotel, we're a 100% WebEngage client!

Kapil Chopra

Founder - EazyDiner & The PostCard hotel

Global brands trust WebEngage


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The Program helped us scale our business faster and bring down acquisition costs with time.


Ankit Agarwal

Founder, PHOOL

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